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Ministers Asset Declaration Now Tracked by Multiple Computers
Edmund Lim
Edmund Lim
November 20, 2019
1 min
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Using Blockchain Open Data to store Asset Declaration of Minister

Block Explorer and DAPPs UI
Block Explorer and DAPPs UI

TriveAcademy developed a decentralized application (DAPP) to track Ministers’ Assets Declaration. The entire population of Malaysia or even around the world can now access assets if Malaysia’s Minister on Trivechain.

Blockchain provides integrity when everything is archived and authorized in a decentralized way. The system ensures that data is carried out and processed reliably and transparently.

When the data is broadcasted on a blockchain, the data is immutable which cannot be changed by any third party which provide the integrity and validity of the data. Users can search through all the ministers’ assets on TRVC.APP. Besides, TRVC.APP helps the government body to track their own assets and protect themselves from any frauds since blockchain data cannot be changed due to its mechanism of the decentralized ledger.



Edmund Lim

Blockchain & Full-stack Engineer

Edmund Lim is one of the early full-time developer in TriveAcademy. He focuses on web applications that integrate with blockchain features. Besides, Edmund is also one of the Trivechain maintainers.


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