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Durian Tree Ownership Tracked on Blockchain
Kevin Toh
Kevin Toh
August 20, 2019
1 min
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Durian Ownership on Blockchain
Durian Ownership on Blockchain

For the past few years, no authority can issue a land deed or certificate of ownership to every single durian tree. TriveAcademy has issued a certificate for the durian tree on a blockchain ledger. This certificate is time-stamped in the blockchain and accessible by the public.

A public blockchain is an online ledger that provides decentralized and transparent data recording. With blockchain implementation, the data is immutable where none of any third parties can make any changes to the data that is broadcasted to the blockchain.

Blockchain helps the farmers to gain trust from their investors since the Certificate of Ownership is viewable and verifiable on the public blockchain. By having a certificate for durian tree, investors won’t be sceptical due to the implementation of blockchain which offers data transparency. The purpose of this Certificate of Ownership is to identify the real owner and as evidence of the ownership. This certificate will benefit both the farm owner and the investors due to the accessibility of the certificate by every party in the public blockchain. Since the data recorded on the blockchain is immutable, it cannot be changed by anyone thus provides security and trust within the parties. Now, every durian tree will have its certificate and the certificate is available on the Trivechain.

Blockchain certificate can be implemented into other sectors such as academy. For example, issuing an e-certificate on blockchain for a student who completed a university course can ensure that information such as the date of graduation and title of the course can be traced and in the system. Besides, it can also be implemented on a certificate of competition and compliance which gives evidence of your professional achievement and the public can view it on a public chain.



Kevin Toh

Blockchain & Full-stack Engineer

Kevin Toh graduates from Multimedia University with a Bachelor of Computer Science Major in Data Science. He is currently working on multiple projects as Full-stack web engineer.


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