Introduction to Blockchain

This specialization focuses on demystifying the blockchain technology by helping you understand the foundational constructs, benefits, and opportunities of blockchain technology. No matter your technical background, interested in blockchain technology and decentralized technology.

What you will learn

Use cases of blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and tokenizations.

What blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary.

Seven design principles for blockchain technology, and the challenges facing the people developing it.

Key concepts such as mining, hashing, proof-of-work, public-key cryptography, and the double-spend problem.

You’ll also meet the players in the blockchain ecosystem, and consider your own role in stewarding the blockchain revolution.

Course Outline

Understanding Blockchain Fundamentals.

  • Tracing Blockchain’s Origin.

  • Revolutionizing the Traditional Business System.

  • What exactly is blockchain and why it’s called “Blockchain”.

  • Blockchain’s native token.

  • Shared ledger, permissions, consensus, Smart Contracts, tokenization.

  • Identify different roles in a Blockchain.

  • Financial Sector: Trade finance, post-trade clearing & settlement, cross-border transactions, trusted digital identity.

  • Government.

  • Supply Chain Management.

    1. Food safety

    2. Product tracking

    3. Global Trade

  • Healthcare.

    1. Digital medical record

    2. Healthcare payment preauthorization

  • Seven design principles for blockchain technology.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain.

  • Barriers of the Blockchain revolution.


  • High curiosity mindset.

  • Highly motivated and interested in blockchain technology.

  • No programming skills are required to attend this course.

Who should join

  • Blockchain enthusiasts.

  • IT developers and programmers.

  • Computer Science or Engineering students.

  • Professors and lecturers.

  • Tech entrepreneurs.

  • Bankers, consultants, advisors and investors.

  • Government officials.

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about Blockchain.