Decentralized Application (Dapp) Development

Decentralized applications (Dapp) are a piece of so ware that communicates with the blockchain, which manages the state of all network actors. Dapp promotes decentralization making them tamperproof and the records unalterable. If you wish to build your first Decentralized App with Blockchain technology, this course is for you! You will learn to design and build your first end-to-end decentralized application with TriveApp SDK which provides anyone with access to the blockchain’s features and services.

What you will learn

The architecture of a Dapp: the front-end client interface, backed by the blockchain.

A skillset to build a Dapp by yourself.

Course Outline

Getting Started: Introduction to Dapp.

  • Quick introduction of blockchain.

  • Introduction of Dapp.

  • Blockchain’s use cases for Dapp.

  • Workspace setup and installation of tools.

  • Begin your Dapp development with HTML.

  • Using Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) to style your Dapp.

  • Learn JavaScript.

  • JavaScript I & Programming basics.

  • JavaScript II & Computational Thinking.

  • Configure Dapp’s backend logic.

  • Setup and implement TriveApp SDK to your Dapp.

  • Test and demonstrate the connection between Dapp, TRVC App and Trivechain.

  • Build Dapp’s backend features with TriveApp SDK.

  • Finalize Dapp Development.

  • Setup a decentralize node.

  • Upload Dapp to decentralize network.

  • Connect Dapp with TRVC APP.


  • Basic knowledge of Computer Science & IT.

  • Minimal understanding of how blockchain’s concept.

  • High curiosity mindset.

  • Highly interested & motivated in blockchain technology.

Who should join

  • Computer Science or Engineering Students.

  • IT Developers and programmers.

  • Software Architects and Engineers.

  • Anyone who is interested in learning blockchain decentralized technology.

  • Anyone who wishes to learn and build their first Dapp.